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It is very important not to shave prior to a waxing appointment. We recommend allowing your hair to grow at least one week before your appointment so that the wax will stick. Our technicians make every effort to give you a pain-free experience. A disinfectant is wiped over the newly waxed surface and cooling aloe gel is applied to sooth the skin. There will be a slight reddening of the area, which passes quickly. As you get regular treatments the stinging and redness will decrease.

Our technicians specialize in Brazilian and bikini waxes for both men and women. We will gladly remove or leave as much hair as you want, and waxing can be combined with electrolysis treatments for a more permanent effect.


Electrolysis a non-invasive, semi-permanent hair removal system that has no pain, no risk of infection, swelling, scabbing or scarring. We use the T.E. System, so instead of inserting a needle into the hair follicle, we use a probe that goes over top of the skin that transmits galvanic current into the hair follicle.

Hair Removal TE Electrolysis
First 15 Minutes - $30
Per Additional Minute - $2
($30 Minimum) Needle Free!

As effective as needle electrolysis without the pain of needles or chance of scarring caused by needles.
(Waxing can be combined with Electrolysis for a more permanent effect.)
Waxing discounted when done in combination with Electrolysis.


We use an all natural Honey Wax & linen strip system.

Full Face $60-$90 Eyebrow Arch or Lip $20
Chin or Sideburn $22 Neck $25
Cheeks $22 ½ Back (Just Upper) $45-$70
Full Back (From Neck to Pants Line) $70-$80 Half Legs $55-$70
Full Legs $70-$80 ½ Arms $45-$55
Arms $55-$65 Underarms $35-$45
Breast Women $30 Chest Men (Neck to Pants Line) $55-$75
Feet $19 Buttocks $40
Bikini $45-$55 Brazilian (All Hair Off) $60-$75

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