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Inch Loss Wrap, Hot Rock Massage, Hair Removal, Electrolysis in Columbia, SC

The spa professionals at European Skin & Hair Clinic in Columbia, SC, specialize in providing customers with the region's best inch loss wrap, hot rock massage, hair removal & electrolysis" to "The spa professionals at European Skin & Hair Clinic in Columbia, South Carolina, specialize in providing our customers with the region's best hair removal and waxing services, as well as Swedish massages and hot rock massages. 

Massage Services

Relax & Relieve Stress

Massage speeds recovery after athletic events and supports healing after surgery or during physical therapy. When you relax your muscles, circulation increases to the brain, and your mind functions with greater clarity and efficiency.

Swedish Massage With Hot Towels - 30 Minutes = $55 • 1 Hour$75 • 90 Minute = $105
Maternity Massage - {Modified to accommodate pregnant women} $80
Hot Rock Massage with heated salt basalt stones adds relaxing warmth deep into muscles improving lymphatic drainage and stimulating circulation. 1 Hour = $95 • 1Hour 1/2 = $140
Cupping Massage - 1 Hour = $95
Cupping Therapy has been in use in one form or another since before 1550 BC. The Therapist uses special cups to create suction against the skin, instead of pressing, it lifts the tissue and encourages circulation. While traditional forms using glass cups and flame often leave dark marks, the newer silicone cups are less likely to cause discoloration.
1. Helps Reduce Pain by opening capillaries and increasing the flow of fluid into and out of the tissue.
2. Promotes Relaxation by encouraging lymphatic drainage
3. Boosts Skin Health
4. Improves Digestion by reducing the stress response
5. Improves lymphatic drainage.
Prepaid Package of Six Swedish Massages - $414

Massage Club

Membership entitles you to a 60-minute Swedish massage once a month. Additional massages can be purchased for $39 each. As an added bonus, you can upgrade to a Hot Rock massage for just $20.  If your busy life causes you to skip a month, you may use the credit from the missed massage to upgrade your massage to a 2-hour massage or as an additional visit the next month. Credits can be turned into massage gift certificates for a fee of $12.

• Monthly Swedish Massage Club - Membership $59 per Month
• Prepaid Year Swedish Club Membership - $672.60 ($56.05 each)
Maternity Massage- {Modified to accommodate pregnant women} $80

Body Treatments

New Cellulite Massage – $60 
Vigorous Deep Tissue massage on cellulite prone areas using Special Set-n-me-free Aloe Crème. A cool way to break up unwanted cellulite deposits and restore great circulation.

Salt Glow - $75
A salt glow exfoliates the dead skin from your whole body, restoring the warm glow to your skin. Excellent way to get rid of gray dry winter skin and remove sun damage in summer.

Herbal Body Wrap – $90
Lose 4 to 15 inches from total body in one session, firm skin, and detoxify the body. We take before and after measurements at time of service. Inch-loss continues for days after service. Great for assisting weight loss, cellulite reduction, and toxin removal. (90 min)

Slimming Seaweed Wrap – $95
This process includes a salt scrub to exfoliate the cellulite prone areas, and a Seaweed detox mask followed by a moisturizing application of Herbal oil. Gives skin a fresh new look while penetrating to reduce cellulite deposits in skin.

 * Micronized algae masks may contain iodine from natural sources. (30 min)

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